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A word from Larry Pimentel
A word from Larry Pimentel
A word from Jackie Wybrow
A word from Jackie Wybrow

Azamara Club Cruises

Larry Pimentel
President & CEO, Azamara

Azamara Club Cruises
Welcome to! We love the fact that you are exploring career opportunities with Azamara. Our 2 intimate ships of 408 crew and 694 guests are beautiful, warm and friendly, and filled with crew that are happy to be onboard, and guests who love the service our onboard teams provide.

Let me tell you a little bit about our ships, and why it is an amazing place to work.

Azamara is a destination-immersive cruise line for up-market travelers who want to not only see the places and cultures they visit, but to live them. Our two intimate, 694-guest ships offer a boutique European hotel ambience with extraordinary service, fine cuisine and wines from around the world, and wellness and vigor programs, all while sailing to a host of destinations larger ships can't reach.

Our guests are diverse and love to travel. About 50% of our guests come from the United States, 11% from Canada, and the remainder of our guests from the United Kingdom, other countries on the European continent, Scandinavia, Australia and a few from Asia.

Azamara sails around the globe, with more overnight and late-night stays in every region. Our ships sail in Asia, South America, throughout Europe to the Baltics & Scandinavia, the British Isles, Western Europe, The French and Italian Rivieras, Eastern Mediterranean, Black Sea, the Holy Land, as well as the lesser traveled islands in the West Indies, and the Panama Canal.

Each ship carries 408 crew members, and there is a mix of every nationality, culture, age, race and religion. All working harmoniously together to create great service for our guests and a comfortable environment to live in while away from home.

The work can definitely be challenging, and the hours can be long, as our ships operate 24/7. But the benefits - in addition to global and lasting friendships - include rapid career advancement for top performers, good pay, multicultural experiences, extensive vacation time, and travel and adventure.

This web site will offer you more information about everything we offer our guests - as well as our "We Serve Amazing" program across the Azamara ships, so I hope you'll take the time to explore it. Meanwhile, I thank you again for taking the time to visit, and wish you great success in your career search.

Thank you,

Larry Pimentel
President & CEO

Jackie Wybrow
Associate VP, HR

An "AzAmazing" world is yours to discover!

Hello and thank you for visiting Azamara’s career website! At Azamara, we do everything possible to make our crew members and guests feel like one big family at sea.

Azamara Journey and Azamara Quest, the two award-winning members of our fleet, take travellers to some of the most captivating places in the world, including ports not reached by larger cruise ships. We focus on giving our guests the most intimate cruise experience, whether they are out exploring picturesque ports or enjoying their time relaxing aboard our ships.

Azamara is able to deliver unforgettable experiences few can match because everything we do is focused on fulfilling the expectations and needs of our guests. Our vessels and immersive destinations bring discerning travellers aboard but we only become truly “AzAmazing” because of the maritime hospitality gene ingrained in every crew member, officer, and staff.

Working onboard a cruise ship is an exciting challenge. You get to visit places you’ve only imagined before, and you get to do it with colleagues from all parts of the world. Though it’s not easy to leave the company of loved ones and friends, the comforts of your own country, and the familiarity of land, you’ll find that an Azamara ship can be your second home.

More than providing a competitive salary, exciting travels, longer vacation time, and career advancement opportunities, we strive to give our shipboard employees an ideal workplace at sea where they are part of one big family of world-class, service-oriented professionals. After all, happy crew members create happy guests – guests who think about booking the next cruise even before completing their current voyage.

At Azamara, guests love where we take them and how we take care of them. Discover just how amazing a career at sea can be. We invite you to explore and we hope you find an opportunity to become truly amazing!

Jackie Wybrow,
Associate Vice President, Human Resources