Azamara Club Cruises
Azamara Club Cruises
Azamara Club Cruises
Azamara Club Cruises
Azamara Club Cruises
Azamara believes in recognizing our stellar crew, as they are the ones who enliven the AMAZE standards to delight our guests at every opportunity. And as a way to do that, we host events onboard - throughout the fleet - that resonate the spirit of teamwork and success.

Recognition and Career Advancement
We emphasize the importance of celebrating all of the milestone accomplishments - as well as the small details - that make our crew so amazing. Awards and recognition include:
  • Employee of the Moment
  • Employee of the Month
  • Employee of the Year
And, of course, we realize the importance of a heartfelt, 'Thanks!'.
These are just a few of the ways we promote a culture of mutual respect and appreciation.

Another important way we express our appreciation is through our promotions and transfer processes. We strongly believe in promotion from within, and many of our crew members have developed professionally through our career advancement programs. In the last year alone, we celebrated over 500 promotions!

Consideration for advancement and transfers is generally available upon successful completion of the first contract.

There are many benefits to living and working onboard. From traveling to many exciting ports, while welcoming - and working with - people from all over the world, to advancing your career by elevating the guest experience in a unique, five-star environment. Every day is an opportunity to turn a moment into a memory.

Further, you would have limited living expenses, since meals, accommodations, and medical attention are provided at no cost to you while working onboard.

Other benefits - like medical insurance, life insurance, long-term/short-term disability, cruising privileges, and paid vacations - are also available, based on position.

Work - Life Balance

We recognize that because it's a 24-hour operation, the work hours are long, and it's a seven-day work week. Time off is limited, even while the ship is in port; however, you will still have plenty of opportunities to explore different destinations, and time to take advantage of the crew amenities and festivities.

A unique benefit of a shipboard career is the life balance it affords you during your vacation time, where - for weeks at a time - you could either travel, relax, or just spend time with family and friends. With other land-based opportunities, vacation time might be limited - or interrupted - because of operational emergencies, vacation time away from a shipboard position is truly a time to disconnect and recharge.

Working onboard is truly a lifestyle change from any other career path, and the compensation, although different from that of a land-based position, is structured in a way that reflects how much we value our employees.

You're probably wondering how you would get paid, and how you can secure your earnings:


Most employees will be paid in cash (in US dollars) twice a month. Employees earning gratuities will receive their tips twice a month, in addition to the base salary. For positions with bonus potential, bonus earnings will be paid on an annual basis.

Please keep in mind that you would be responsible for any taxes due to your country of origin. For United States citizens or Resident Aliens, or employees who make their home in the United States, federal taxes will be automatically deducted. However, the company does not pay Social Security taxes on behalf of its shipboard employees, as it is the responsibility of the individual to pay.


There are many options to secure your earnings while at sea:

  • Wire money home directly from the ship into a bank account, through our Shipboard Employee Wire Transfer program
  • Obtain a crew safety deposit box onboard
  • Purchase an international money order from the Crew Purser